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Welcome to the PTCB Free Practice Test Resources page! We provide a variety of study tools and practice tests to help you prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). Our recommended resources include practice exams, study guides, flashcards, and more.

Explore our tools to ensure you’re ready for exam day and start your journey to becoming a certified pharmacy technician.

Learning Resources

PTCB Exam Prep 2024-2025This comprehensive study guide includes 540 questions with detailed explanations for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.Check
PTCB HeroThis guide is a useful supplementary resource for exam preparation, particularly for those who prefer a condensed, focused study approach.Check

Practice Exams

PTCB CPhT Practice TestSimulate the real exam with our comprehensive practice test.Take Test
PTCB Practice Test 2Additional practice to test your knowledge and skills.Take Test
PTCB 90-question TestExtensive practice with 90 questions covering all domains.Take Test
PTCB Regulatory Compliance TestFocus on regulatory compliance topics.Take Test
PTCB Medication Practice TestPractice with medication-related questions.Take Test
PTCB Medication History TestTest your knowledge of medication history.Take Test
Calculations TestImprove your dosage calculation skills.Take Test
Top 200 Drugs TestMemorize the most commonly prescribed medications.Take Test
Top 100 Drugs TestFocus on the top 100 drugs you need to know.Take Test

Study Tools

PTCB 200 Drugs FlashcardsFlashcards for the top 200 drugs.View Flashcards
Pediatric Dose CalculatorCalculate pediatric doses accurately.Use Calculator
Pharmacy Conversion ChartQuick reference for pharmacy conversions.View Chart
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