PTCB Practice Test 2


Prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam with our comprehensive 90-question practice test. Designed by our team of pharmacy technician specialists and educators, this practice test covers all the essential topics you’ll encounter on the actual PTCB exam.

Knowing which of the following can best assist a technician in the prevention of data entry errors?

Which of the following injectable drugs would be stored in a refrigerator?

The requirement that a non-formulary medication be covered only if approved by the third-party payer is called:

For a medication to be within the 5% margin of error permitted by the USP, the minimum amount that can be weighed on a Class A prescription balance is:

What is the percentage concentration of a solution that contains 500 mg/50 mL?

A pharmacy technician receives an order for Lortab 5/500 mg tablets every 4 to 6 hours p.r.n. No refill information is provided. The technician should conclude that the prescription:

Upon receiving notice of a drug recall, a pharmacy technician should immediately:

Upon obtaining initial patient information, the pharmacy technician should:

For a pharmacy technician assigned to stock replenishment, which item would be considered a high-alert medication?

Which of the following medications requires a caution to take with food?

POS computer systems help the pharmacy to determine the patient's:

What volume, in milliliters, of a drug for injection 250 mg/10 mL should be used to fill an order for 15 mg?

In the absence of stability information, water-containing formulations (prepared for ingredients in solid form) should be assigned by a beyond-use date that is:

According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), abbreviations used during prescription writing:

Durable medical equipment may be reimbursable to the pharmacy under Medicare Part:

Which of the following is correlated with poor medication compliance?

Concerning needle recapping, which of the following is correct?

A pharmacy technician must administer 1000 mL of TPN solution at 75 mL/hr. If the set delivers 20 gtt/mL, the flow rate in gtt/min will be:

OSHA mandates that healthcare facilities have specific plans in place to protect healthcare workers from which of the following infectious diseases?

An outpatient prescription requires which of the following?

Which of the following drugs is the generic for Coumadin?

Which of the following medications is exempt from the Poison Prevention Packaging Act requirement for child-resistant containers?

When mixing dry powder with 150 mL of distilled water to process a prescription order calling for reconstituted oral antibiotic suspension, 40 doses of 5 mL each, the final suspension, in milliliters, accounted for by the dry drug is:

Technology that automatically documents administration of medication using electronic tracking sensors is known as:

A patient who is allergic to penicillin has a chance of cross sensitivity to which of the following medications?

The auxiliary label for amoxicillin oral suspension should contain which of the following instructions?

The primary routing mechanism for a real-time third-party claim is a:

The most appropriate container size, in ounces, for dispensing 240 mL of liquid medication is:

If a toxic or caustic material comes in contact with the skin or eyes, the immediate response is to:

A physician orders phenobarbital elixir 60 mg for a patient. The drug is available in a 20 mg/5 mL concentration. How many teaspoonfuls should be given for each dose?

Which of the following sedative hypnotics is a benzodiazepine?

Which of the following products or services does OBRA require pharmacists to offer to Medicaid patients?

To avoid exceeding the 24-hour acetaminophen dose limit of 4 g, patients taking Darvocet-N 100 mg/650 mg should be cautioned not to take more than how many tablets daily?

The form used to report theft or significant loss of controlled substances is:

How many bottles of Humulin R insulin would be dispensed for a 90-day supply if the prescription states "inject 10 units SC every morning, 8 units SC at lunch, and 12 units SC at bedtime"?

A patient wants to transfer a prescription from the originating pharmacy to another pharmacy. The pharmacy technician should:

A pharmacy technician receives a prescription from a patient. The patient needs all medications to be crushed. Which of the following would you alert the pharmacist to before entering in the prescription?

The drug information source for a pharmacy technician to check for possible drug interaction is:

If a third-party payer rejects 15% of submitted claims, how much does the pharmacy lose if it processes 25,000 prescriptions that average a cost of $12.00 each?

When accepting a refill request from a patient by telephone, the pharmacy technician should obtain which information in addition to the patient's name?

The correct strength of sodium chloride in normal saline IV bags is:

Which of the following is the most important information to collect for a patient's pharmacy profile?

Which of the following occurred when a specialty pharmacy dispensed Lupron Depot-Ped for Lupron Depot-3 Month injection for an adult patient?

A prescription reads, "Percodan tablets, dispense 120, take 1 tablet by mouth every 6 hours as needed for back pain." The technician should:

When is it necessary to recap a needle, which of the following is correct?

How much dextrose, in grams, is contained in 1000 mL of D10W?

Which of the following is a calcium channel blocker?

The label of a medication that has been repackaged should include the:

In The Orange Book, the letter "AB" rating indicates that products:

A pharmacy technician receives a prescription for insulin with the sig reading "52 units q.a.m. and 48 units q.p.m." As the prescription is entered into the patient's profile, the technician notices that the patient may not be taking medications as directed, and the compliance may be an issue. What should the technician do?

When a patient is required to go to a network healthcare provider, the patient is insured through:

The information contained in the manufacturer's package insert for a medication can also be found in:

Treximet is a combination tablet for treating migraines that contains sumatriptan and which other medication?

The last two digits of an NDC number indicate:

A package insert contains instructions to store the medication at 10 degrees Celsius. What is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?

Coordination of benefits is used when a patient has:

A common side effect of magnesium-based antacids is:

Chemotherapy agents should be stored:

A physician's order calls for 400 mg amoxicillin t.i.d. for 10 days. The pharmacy has a 150 mg/5 mL stock concentration. What volume, in milliliters, of stock concentration is needed to fill the prescription?

Before using a laminar flow hood, the interior surfaces should be cleaned with:

When an order is received in the pharmacy, the order invoice must be carefully checked against the:

Which is the smallest volume, in milliliters, that can be accurately measured using a 1.0 mL tuberculin syringe?

When an albuterol inhaler is dispensed, the patient package insert (PPI) must be included:

When working with glass ampules to prepare an IV admixture using aseptic technique, which type of needle must be used?

Which of the following brand/generic pairs is correct?

Productivity reports are primarily used by pharmacy management and staff to:

Which of the following medications are included in the iPLEDGE restricted drug program?

To protect themselves and others from infection, all healthcare workers should use which kind of precautions?

Stock rotation is necessary to ensure that:

Which of the following medication pairs makes safe use of tall man letters?

A physician orders amoxicillin 50 mg/mL for a child at 1 mL p.o. q8h for 10 days. What is the total volume to be dispensed, in milliliters, if the amoxicillin stock is 125 mg/5 mL?

The information contained in the manufacturer's package insert may also be found in the:

Look-alike/sound-alike medications are addressed in the Accreditation Standards of The Joint Commission because these products:

Antineoplastic medications should be prepared in which type of hood?

Which of the following is indicated for the treatment of Parkinson's disease?

Which medication is on the Institute for Safe Medication Practices List of Confused Drug Names because it is available in two different chemical forms that can be easily confused?

The best reference for obtaining storage requirements for a particular drug is the:

An essential component of pharmacy quality assurance programs is to:

A pharmacy technician who places orders for pharmacy purchases has been informed by a manufacturer that Drug A will no longer be available. The technician should:

Which of the following vital information should be readily retrievable from an inpatient medication profile?

According to ASHP guidelines, a quality improvement program for home care should monitor the patient's:

A reverse distributor for pharmaceuticals:

According to the DEA, all records related to controlled substances must be maintained and be available for inspection for a minimum of:

Special IV tubing is recommended for the administration of:

Which of the following, when combined with acetaminophen 325 mg, would be a generic substitute for Tylenol No. 4?

Which of the following statements concerning HIPAA regulations is most accurate?

Tylenol with codeine liquid is prescribed as "give 2 teaspoonfuls four times daily, dispense 120 mL." The patient is a 2-year-old male. What is a possible reason to alert the pharmacist?

Which of the following is a valid DEA number for Dr. Thomas Jones?

Before aseptic manipulations are performed, each hand, nail, wrist, and forearm should be scrubbed vigorously for at least:

A physician prescribes 5 mg of a drug per kilogram of body weight b.i.d. for a patient weighing 110 lbs. How many 0.5 g tablets of the drug are required for a 10-day duration?

Prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam with our comprehensive 90-question practice test. Designed by our team of pharmacy technician specialists and educators, this practice test covers all the essential topics you’ll encounter on the actual PTCB exam.

What’s Included

  • 90 carefully crafted questions that mirror the style and difficulty of the real exam.
  • Detailed explanations for each answer reinforce key concepts and help you learn from mistakes.
  • Coverage of all major PTCB exam topics, including pharmacology, medication safety, quality assurance, and more.
  • Randomized question order to simulate the unpredictable nature of the actual exam.
  • Instant scoring and performance tracking to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How To Use This Practice Test

  1. Set aside approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the entire test in one sitting, simulating real exam conditions.
  2. Find a quiet, distraction-free environment where you can focus on the questions.
  3. Read each question carefully and select the best answer based on your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Review your results and read the detailed explanations for each question to reinforce your learning.
  5. Retake the test multiple times to track your improvement and ensure you’re fully prepared for the PTCB exam.

Key Topics Covered

This practice test covers all major areas tested in the PTCB exam, including:

  • Pharmacology: Understand drug classifications, mechanisms of action, and therapeutic uses.
  • Medication Safety: Learn about proper medication handling, storage, and error prevention.
  • Pharmacy Law and Regulations: Stay updated with federal laws and pharmacy regulations.
  • Quality Assurance: Focus on maintaining high standards in pharmacy practices.

Why Use Our Practice Test?

Our PTCB practice test offers:

  • Realistic Exam Format: Experience questions similar to those on the actual exam.
  • Instant Feedback: Get explanations for each answer to understand your mistakes.
  • Randomized Questions: Practice with a variety of questions to cover all exam topics.
  • Performance Tracking: Identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus your study efforts.

Study Tips

  1. Regular Practice: Consistent practice with our 90 Questions Test can help reinforce your knowledge.
  2. Focus on Weak Areas: Use our PTCB 100 Drugs Practice Test to strengthen your understanding of commonly prescribed medications.
  3. Review Explanations: Pay attention to the detailed explanations provided for each question to improve your comprehension.

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